Food For Mzansi might be a new kid on the block, but it has already positioned itself to a leading South African news and lifestyle publication. Saluting the unsung heroes of agriculture, a core segment of our national audience are ordinary South Africans who are falling in love with the world of farming for the very first time.

Our mission is simple: The next time you eat a hamburger or drink a beer, remember that the food you eat and the drinks you enjoy started in the soil somewhere. It was put there and protected from drought, disease and pests by the hands of our highly skilled agriculturists.

When you share a pizza or gather for shisa nyama, raise a glass to the long chain of hands who delivered it to you. They buried their money in the ground, saw to the health and productivity of what was growing there and found markets and supply chains to get the products to your table.

As you put food in your supermarket trolley, spare a thought for the industry of land investors, farm and factory workers, scientists and marketers who enable South Africa to be the most food secure country in Africa. These are the food stories you don’t often hear. These are the stories you will be telling as a Sinelizwi citizen journalist.

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