podcastingIn session 10 of the Sinelizwi citizen journalism programme host and games master Duncan Masiwa covers the basics of writing an article. This lesson focuses on the opening and the body of the article, as well as the heading.

Aspiring journalists learn how to create impactful headlines and bylines, as well as the right way to start an article introduction. Then the focus shifts to structuring and planning the paragraphs of the main body.

After that insightful lesson, games master Duncan also starts to get into podcasting basics. As the co-host of the award-winning Farmer’s Inside Track podcast, he is an extraordinary resource for up-and-coming journos wanting to learn about podcasting. The podcast basics focus on teaching the aspiring journalists how to plan a podcast, how to write a podcast script as well as interviewing for podcast purposes.

Sinelizwi Citizen journalist, Melanie Baumeister

Sinelizwi Citizen journalist, Melanie Baumeister

This lesson is jam-packed with new information, and some journos are feeling the pressure of juggling this training course along with their other responsibilities (read here about what Sinelizwi is if you have forgotten).

But as we are nearing the end of the first batch of citizen journos’ training, there’s no time to slack now! We thought we’d include some feedback that games master Duncan received from one of the citizen journos – we couldn’t resist:

“Bruh, your deadlines are murderous with my schedule. Feels almost like real journalism. Once again, thanks for the opportunity, am truly enjoying myself and learning something new each time! Have a good week! Cheers, Mel.” – Melanie Baumeister from Western Cape.