As we head into our 8th week of the Sinelizwi program, we’d like to take a step back and reflect on the amazing aspiring citizen journalists that are part of this journey with us. Let’s introduce you to the Sinelizwe shining stars!

2020 has been a difficult year for us all, yet these shining stars have risen above any challenges that they may have had and have given their all in their writing.

“Every week I am pleasantly surprised by the hard work and dedication of the aspiring citizen journos. It’s really not easy staying committed to a journalism skills development programme that takes place solely on WhatsApp. However, the candidates make it work,” games master Duncan Masiwa says of the journalists.

Every week Duncan selects the best citizen journalism projects from the previous assignments and award the journos with vouchers and stars that allow them to move up in levels. These incentives help to keep the program interesting and ensure that our shining stars try their best every week.

Wonder how points get awarded? Let our games master explain:

“Every week ten candidates are celebrated for outstanding work submitted and overall performance. It is usually a combination between points scored in a task and the candidate’s active participation in conversation via the dedicated WhatsApp groups.”

Our experienced writers at Food for Mzansi mark the assignments and give valuable feedback and tips to the citizen journalists that enable them to improve their writing and journalism skills.

“What I love about this group is that they are so determined to excel. They do don’t rest after one victory – no, they just keep on pushing and pushing.”

We can’t wait to see everything that this year’s group of citizen journalists achieve as they continue to build on this experience and write about important local news.