“What I love about this year’s group is that they are so determined to excel. They do don’t rest after one victory – no, they just keep on pushing and pushing,” says games master Duncan Masiwa when asked about the shining stars of the Sinelizwi citizen journalism programme. Our shining star this week is Jessica Isaacs.

This week Duncan shares the story of this inspiring Sinelizwi participant:

“As the games master I had scheduled a class test on Sinelizwi content covered in session three. Following the test on the evening of 18 September, Western Cape candidate Jessica Isaacs informed me that she had thoroughly enjoyed writing the test, adding that it served as a great distraction following her emergency surgery two days prior!

At the time of writing the test, Jessica was still in pain, but decided to remain resolute to her reason for joining the programme.

All of the candidates were motivated by her display of courage and drive. She taught us all a valuable lesson that night – being faced with difficulties does not have to steer us off course or delay an anticipated result.

Her actions sparked two very important and thought provoking questions for me: How important is your personal development to you and how much are you willing to grin and bear?”

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