In session seven of the Sinelizwi citizen journalism programme games master Duncan Masiwa shared with the candidates some tips on interviewing sources. Candidates learn about the four principles of conducting interviews and get useful advice that can benefit every aspiring journalist.

After the session, citizen journos were assigned to do their class task based on the content covered in this session.

View the lesson here.

Tip of the week, sent from game master Duncan:

We have been extremely impressed with our citizen journalists so far, and many have shown outstanding work! Food For Mzansi co-founder, Ivor Price, describes Sinelizwi as a dream come true:

“We are excited about the programme’s potential to not only salute more unsung heroes, but to also document untold stories from forgotten communities. Many of our 60 participants have never before touched or read a newspaper, for example, simply because they live too far off the beaten track. This is a life-changing experience to turn them into smart, active digital consumers of news who will hopefully become engaged, informed participants in civic life.”

Meet our citizen journos here.