In session five of the Sinelizwi citizen journalism programme games master Duncan Masiwa, shares feedback with candidates and announces the next assignment.

Seeing as you are all getting some feedback this week, here is what Duncan has to say:

“Make sure you understand what is expected from you in every assignment or task. Trust me, there is nothing worse than submitting your labour of love, something that made you sweat, only to be told by your editor that you completely misunderstood the brief and have to re-do it. Apart from that, have fun while you are learning and do not be afraid to ask questions.”

Tip of the week: Stick with it

The hardest part about being a citizen journalist is staying with it, which makes it all the more important that you are covering something you are passionate or knowledgeable about.

Remember, you don’t have to be researching and writing every day to help keep your community informed. Whatever time you have to devote to reporting will be appreciated by your readers. Set up reminders on your calendar. Depending on your subject area and time, you can write monthly, weekly, or daily – whichever you choose. Just make time to keep writing.

Give yourself a deadline. Professional journalists have deadlines, so why shouldn’t you? Having a deadline is especially important if you are interested in writing about town council meetings or proposals to be voted on, where time is of the essence.

View the session here.