Your life, your community and your stories are no less valuable because you live in a remote, rural area. Mainstream media may not see you there, off the edge of the media distribution routes, but that does not mean you don’t matter.

Food For Mzansi Sinelizwi (‘We have the word‘) is training 62 ordinary South Africans to be local community journalists. Through a six month long, Whatsapp-based programme, we will empower people from overlooked rural communities to find and tell stories from their own communities. We’ll amplify these stories through our national online platform.
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“Writing gripping subheadings to add more value to your article can be easy. Before you plunge into it, establish what is the paragraph about; what’s the most important part about it; and what do you want the reader to take from this paragraph.”

Duncan Masiwa, Food For Mzansi Journalist

“When it comes to intro’s, surprise your reader with a little known or striking fact related to your topic. If it is a commonly known fact, people won’t be as interested in learning more. Don’t forget to cite your research!”

Duncan Masiwa, Food For Mzansi Journalist

The adage, “don’t give yourself stress by overthinking a matter” is not applicable when it comes to writing catchy headlines that will want your reader to engage further. Ask a question, solve a problem, add humour, use empathy, use social trends as inspiration – anything, but please don’t be boring.”

Duncan Masiwa, Food For Mzansi Journalist

Always verify your information by checking with at least one additional source.  

Kobus Louwrens, Food For Mzansi founder

Don’t let sources convince you to repeat their lies. Fact-check your way to the truth.

Duncan Masiwa, Food For Mzansi journalist

Make a habit of always reading your work out aloud word by word. You’ll be surprised how vocalising the words helps you catch mistakes.

Duncan Masiwa, Food For Mzansi journalist

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